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Product Description

About the Series

HOYA FUSION ONE is a new series of filters based on the new HOYA optical technology. It is aimed to replace the long seller HOYA PRO1D series, which has been widely used by amateur and professional photographers all over the world. The word "ONE" in the naming of this series is left as legacy of HOYA PRO1D, in memory of its contribution to photographers' creativity, with the belief that this new series will serve as well for many decades ahead.

Product Overview

HOYA FUSION ONE is joining the HOYA filters line-up with the fusion of all highly valued basic specifications, such as multi-layered coating, ultra-high light transmission, high grade optical glass and low-profile frame, while newly incorporating a stain resistant and water repellent coating to match the new standards in photographic optical accessories industry. Suggested for both amateur and professional photographers.

Main Features

  • 18 coated layers provide ultra-high light transmission
  • Stain resistant - protects from fingerprints and smudges
  • Water repellent - easy to keep filter clean
  • For permanent lens protection
  • HOYA's professional grade optical glass
  • HOYA exclusive one-piece, low-profile filter frame with front filter thread

General info

Hoya Fusion One Protector
Fusion One
Available Sizes
37, 40.5, 43, 46, 49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77, 82
Origin Country

Main Characteristics

Water-Repellent Coating

Additional info

Frame Material

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