LITE Series

The SLIK LITE series tripods have an integrated, removable LED flashlight in the center column. Use the flashlight to see inside your camera bag while shooting at night or remove it to light your path. Invert the legs 180° for more compact storage and transportation thanks to the new Rapid Flip Mechanisms.

PRO AMT Alloy Series

SLIK’s exclusive AMT super titanium alloy legs make the tripods steady and lightweight. “What’s so great about AMT alloy?” You may be thinking. AMT has a 40% greater strength to weight ratio than standard aluminum. The legs are lighter weight yet stronger than the standard metal used in most of today’s tripods. This lightweight comes with a price comparable to other standard aluminum tripods.


These tripods want to travel. Seriously, the SPRINT series want to get out and travel with you. That’s why they can weigh less than 34 ounces but can reach anywhere form 6 and a half inches off the ground up to eye level for comfortable shooting at any angle. Designed with mirrorless in mind, all tripods in the SPRINT series can handle up to 4.5 pounds of camera and lens.


The MONOPOD Series is all metal and comes with the SLIK SBH-100 Ball Head. This monopod is a perfect companion for with lighter weight DSLRs or mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (ILC) and compact cameras.

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