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Lensbaby Twist 60

Swirly blur effect lens

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Product Description

Twist 60 is a 60mm f/2.5 lens for full frame SLR and Mirrorless cameras that will help you discover the essence of your subject - adding magic and emotion to your portraits, still life images and more.

Twist 60 helps you draw extra attention to your subjects by separating them from their background with delicious twisty, swirly blur.

When shooting at bright apertures Twist 60’s subtle vignette calls further attention to anything you place within the large central area of focus, for a timeless, vintage look. As you stop down the area of focus gets larger while still creating subtle swirling at the edges.

True to an 1840 design by Joseph Petzval, this lens reveals striking separation between subjects and their background, a quality that modern lens designs lack.

Twist 60 is a metal-bodied, non-tilting lens that mounts directly to your camera and is recommended for use on full frame cameras only. Twist 60 Optic is part of the Optic Swap™ System and is also available as an individual optic for use with full frame cameras. When using Twist 60 Optic in a tilting lens body, keep the lens pointed straight ahead for best results.




  • Creative Effect : Swirly blur
  • Focal Length : 60mm
  • Aperture : f/2.5
  • Minimum Focus : 18"
  • Filter Size : 46mm
  • Aperture blades : 12

Mount : N, C, SE


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