OneStep Lens Filter Set

Lens Filter Set for OneStep Camera (OneStep 2, OneStep 2 VF and OneStep+)

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Product Description

It’s time for a new perspective. This set of 5 Polaroid filters for the OneStep 2 and OneStep+ cameras lets you capture life in the frame a little differently. Add some color with yellow, orange and red tints, create a kaleidoscopic view with the the prism option, or turn any light into a big ol’ starburst. Each filter fits easily onto the lens of your camera, so you can change it up according to your mood (or subject). Whatever you do, get out there and play.

Box contents

  • Lens filter attachment
  • Red tint filter
  • Orange tint filter
  • Yellow tint filter
  • Prism filter
  • Star burst filter

Compatible Camera

  • OneStep 2
  • OneStep 2 Viewfinder
  • OneStep+

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