Getting started with HOYA Filters


Neglected dirt on your lens surface can ruin all the work behind your shots, making your final image awfully spotted or affecting its sharpness and beauty. Regular cleaning and correct maintaining of your lens is a good habit any photographer should have and get used to. However, unlike mere window glasses, the optical glass lenses are made of is a more delicate material. Therefore, the best solution will always be to choose a "lens protection filter (PROTECTOR, UV filter, etc.)" to attach on your lens.

The advantages are numerous: by cleaning the filter's surface instead, no cleaning product will ever make contact with your lens. Also, with the filter attached, the lens will be protected by accidental scratches, impacts or damages, and by simply replacing the filter with a new one, you can always shoot in the most desired and best conditions.

Filters, whatever type is used, need a correct cleaning and maintenance to preserve their good conditions over time. Here find some useful tips and easy-to-follow indications:

  • It is not recommended to use regular tissue paper or handkerchief to wipe dirt off your filter. Instead, better using a professional cleaning cloth and cleaning liquid specific for lenses. Other tools like a lens cleaning brush, air duster and air blower are also necessary for a flawless cleaning.
  • First of all, blow off dust form the filter's surface with the help of an air blower. By keeping the filter downward, you can prevent flying dust and dirt from settling on the filter's surface again.
  • Next, spray air with an air duster on the filter's surface to make sure there is no dust left. When doing so, keep the air duster at the appropriate distance according to the product instructions.
  • In case of persistent dirt, apply a small amount of cleaning liquid on a cleaning cloth and gently wipe the filter's surface. Refrain from applying the cleaning liquid directly on the filter's surface. Make circular movements from the center outwards when wiping the surface and make sure to use only clean cloths each time.
  • Even after wiping the dust off the filter's surface, blow off again any remaining dust particles with an air blower.

These simple steps can be also applied for a correct cleaning of your lenses as well.

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