Polaroid Go Color Filter Set


Set of 3 color for Polaroid Go Camera

Brand : Polaroid


Go big on color

Paint the town red, blue, and orange with the first color filters made exclusively for the Polaroid Go camera.

Filters: What's the Go?

These filters simply snap onto the front of the Polaroid Go camera, covering both the flash and lens. Each filter captures... well, whatever you're feeling. Warm, intimate close-ups. Abstract, psychedelic snaps. Cold, otherworldly images. See where these filters take you.


  • Set of 3 Color filters for Polaroid Go camera
  • Filter colors : Red, Blue and Orange
  • Material : PMMA (Plexiglas® 8N)
  • Dimensions : 17.6 x 33.4 x 87.4 mm
  • Compatible only with the Polaroid Go camera
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