Infrared Filter 720 (89B) - M Size (P Series) - COKIN CREATIVE


Infrared Filter - M Size : 84mm (P series)

Brand : Cokin


Infrared filter will give images a characteristic aspect: blue skies will become almost black and vegetation will take on various shades of white, giving it a surreal appearance. If used with a modern digital camera with Anti-IR filter built-on the sensor, you will need to use very long exposure time to obtain the desired effect. You will have to manually focus and experiment with your aperture and exposure time before having the perfect image. It may be time demanding, but it clearly worth it.

  • Reference : P007
  • Size : M (system P)
  • Dimensions : 84 x 84 x 1.6mm
  • Exposure Compensation : 6 f-stops
  • Infrared Cut : 50% at 720nm
  • Filter-Holder: BP400A, BPW400A, BPE01
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