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Polaroid OneStep+ i-Type Camera - White


SKU : PLO9015

OneStep+ instant analog camera that connects to your smartphone, unlocking a world of creative photography

Brand : Polaroid


The Polaroid OneStep+ is a new analog instant camera that connects to your smartphone, unlocking a world of creative photography. Use the integrated Polaroid Originals app to explore fun techniques like double exposures and light painting, take full creative control with manual mode and a remote trigger, or frame your perfect close-up with the additional portrait lens. Download the Polaroid Originals smartphone app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Format : i-Type Camera

Compatible with : i-Type Film, 600 Film


  • Easy to use
  • Originals Polaroid format 4x3"
  • 60-day battery life
  • Powerful flash
  • Self-timer mode
  • Standard & Portrait lens
  • Bluetooth-connected app
  • Full creative control: manual mode, light painting and more


  • New Lens : Create clear, detailed photographs from as close as 30 cm away.
  • Light painting : Turn a torch into your paintbrush and capture it on film
  • Double Exposure : Capture two photos in a single frame and create surreal, expressive compositions.
  • Remote Trigger : Use your phone as a remote shutter trigger and never miss a group photo again.
  • Noise Trigger : Trigger the shutter with the clap of your hands, the splash of a pool or the bark of a dog.
  • Self-Timmer : Create perfectly-timed photographs with up to a 12-second countdown.
  • Manual Mode : Master your craft by taking full control over your camera's aperture, shutter speed, flash intensity and photo ejection.
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