COKIN - Riviera Classic Tripod


Modern tripod for retro cameras. And vice versa.

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Brand : Cokin


Inspired by old camera design, Riviera Classic is the only tripod to combine leather and wood elegancy with aluminum sturdiness in a timeless design.

Incredibly stable and extremely stylish, with metal tightening dials similar to those found on antique manual cameras, Riviera Classic is the tripod that was missing to affirm the neo retro look of current cameras.

Although traditional in its approach, Riviera Classic provides nevertheless all the features of a modern tripod: telescopic sections, inversible central column, multi-actions head, ergonomic wooden tightening handle, unlockable angles 

Made of Beech wood, known for its exceptional durability, and hand crafted by Atelier Farol at La Rochelle, France, the Riviera Classic handle has been designed to provide optimal control. Over time, and upon usage, the wood patina will make it even more unique.



Warranty2 years
Folded Height60cm
Height max1.60m
Height min19.7cm
Max column extension30cm
Load max5kg
Bubble level2
Sections3 with 3 angles setup
Max section diameter
multi-actions avec plateau rapide
Carrying pouch
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