Introducing the Polaroid I-2. Engineered and designed for craft, its the first analog instant camera with built-in manual controls. Pair it with the sharpest-ever Polaroid lens and the unique chemistry of Polaroid film, and you have an instant craft tool made for the tactile, creative pursuit of analog photography.

Built-in manual controls

Master your craft with 6 camera modes

A Polaroid-first, the I-2 has built-in manual controls. Adjust shutter speed, aperture size, camera mode, and see it all through the integrated view finder and external display. From depth of field to Bokeh effect to motion blur: it's all in your hands.

Aperture Priority

Aperture mode allows you to set the size of the aperture, with the I-2 featuring 7 different f-stops (individual aperture sizes). From our largest f8 all the way down to f64, you can experiment with exposure and depth of field to create beautifully sharp shots.

Shutter Priority

The I-2 has over 30 shutter speeds, meaning you have full control over the movement in your shot. Capture fast movement with perfect clarity, or bring to life the dramatic, drawn out beauty found in longer shots.

Manual mode

Manual mode gives you complete control over your I-2, allowing you to adjust both aperture and shutter speed. Find an aperture/shutter speed combination that you love? Great. Download the Polaroid app to save it as a favorite setting.

Multi Exposure

The I-2s Multiple exposure mode exposes your Polaroid film to up to four sources of light - in other words, you can take up to four shots on the same photo, creating dreamlike, beautiful photography.

Timer mode

Timer mode allows you to set an amount of time (in seconds) before your I-2 takes a shot. Perfect for self portraits.

Automatic mode

Automatic mode sets the aperture and shutter speed for you, according to the brightness of the shot and distance to your subject.

Autofocus 3-lens system

The sharpest-ever Polaroid lens

The I-2 gives you the sharpest shots of any Polaroid instant camera thanks to its autofocus 3-lens system. Pair it with the I-2s wider apertures and integrated Lidar ranging meter, and youll create stunning, bright portraits with beautiful depth of field.

Aperture up to f8

Control aperture to craft with light

Experiment with exposure and depth of field with the I-2s 7 different f-stops. From our largest f8 all the way down to f64, you decide how you craft with light.

Integrated Viewfinder

Everything you need in one display

Craft through the viewfinder: monitor and control your distance to subject, shutter speed, aperture size, and exposure levels while you create.

Expertly engineered

Engineered and designed for craft

The I-2 was created completely in-house. Its sleek black form is a direct result of its function, with the camera being built around its manual controls and Japan-team-designed lens. Its iconic, yet original. A craftspersons tool, in an elegant design.

Polaroid Film

Get the best out of our unique chemistry

The I-2 shoots with next-level clarity and detail on Polaroids iconic square frame film, meaning you can do things with Polaroids unique film chemistry that youve never done before.



Design for craft, it's the first analog instant camera with built-in manual controls.

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