Originally developed to enhance red tints in color reversal film, red enhance filters have been largely used so far in landscape photography and portrait photography as well. However, when entering the digital era, these filters became a non recommendable choice when using DSLR cameras and lenses, due to their considerable influence on color rendering of other colors. In recent years, though, a different way of using these filters apart from enhancing red tints has drawn photographers’ attention.

As a matter of fact, nowadays red enhancer filters are also used to cut off unwanted light pollution. When shooting at starry skies, light pollution produced by nearby cities, towns etc. may enter the lens and colors dropping may occur, causing a negative dropping in the contrast between the cityscape below and the starry sky above. By suppressing light pollution, red enhance filters can thus prevent color dropping and contrast reduction. Since color dropping range chances depending also on the camera and lens combination, a useful trick is to shift on WB and correct the color each time before shooting. In addition, these filters produce the best effects when combined with wide angle lenses.

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