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HD nano


Improved Protection Performance and Durability


HD nano Coating : Ultra-Smooth, Ultra-Hard New 32 (UV)/ 16(CIR-PL) layer coating
HD Glass (UV)
HD Polarizing Film (CIR-PL)
HD Frame


New HOYA HD nano series is devoted to professional photographers and designed to resist severe shooting conditions and accidental physical damages. Besides chemically hardened optical glass the series adopts newly developed ultra hard scratch resistant nano coating providing not only reliable protection of the camera lenses, but also protection of the filter itself.

The HOYA HD nano series is represented by UV and CIR-PL filters.

Available sizes: 52-82mm


Main features:

  • Ultra Hard Protection
    HD nano series adopts 32 layer (both sides) ultra hard, ultra smooth nano coating with anti-reflection and scratch&stain resistance features (for CIR-PL - 16-layer)
  • Superior Water&Oil Repellent Performance.
    Besides ultra hard and smooth features, HOYA HD nano coating has superior water&oil repellent abilities that will make filter maintenance easy and will not affect negatively on the image.
  • Hard Optical Glass
    The glass adopted by HOYA HD nano is chemically and thermally hardened to achieve excellent protection abilities. The HOYA HD nano took over hard optical glass from the popular HOYA HD series, ensuring photographers have trust in HOYA’s stable and advanced quality.




More than just hard glass

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