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Designed Exclusively for Digital Cameras


DMC: Digital Multi-Coated, BAF: Black Anodized Frame
BRG: Black Rimmed Glass, LPF: Low Profile Frame,
KEF: Knurling Edge Frame, UVC: UV Protected Case


This is the standard filters for the digital cameras. Constant use will protect your valued lenses from expensive front element damage which could be caused by dirt, knocks or scratches.



THB 1,080 ฿ 1,080

(Product variants available)

Protect your valued lenses

THB 725 ฿ 725

(Product variants available)

A multi-purpose fine-weather filter

THB 890 ฿ 890

(Product variants available)

Color and contrast enhancement

THB 1,840 ฿ 1,840

(Product variants available)

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