SKU : CK-P125F

For Cokin P Series Holders 8X Full is the same as P125S except that the tobacco covers the entire filter. Requires 3 stops. Enhances Gray or Colorless Sky Hard-Edged Line of Transition Optical Resin CR39 Filter

Brand : Cokin


Intensifies warm tones in image
Ideal for enhancing sunrises and sunsets
More gradual tint than the Cokin P125L Gradual Tobacco T2 Light filter
Part of the Cokin P-series square filter system
Includes protective case
Graduated filters have a colour or tone which graduates gently over all or part of the filter and deepens towards the top. Cokin graduated filters come in a variety of colours including Graduated Blue, Graduated Tobacco or Sunset, and can be used to add vivid colour and interest to otherwise bland skies, sunrises and sunsets. Graduated filters are available in subtle or vivid depths of colour and either short or gradual changes in tone from top to bottom.

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Cokin color graduated "F" (full) filters are color-toned in most of the filter and have a slightly graduated transition into the smaller, clear portion. Cokin color graduated filters can also be combined with other Cokin filters. Two color graduated filters rotated 180 degrees to each other allow a composition of colors to fade into each other.

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