is back.

80 years after Edwin
Land’s first
breakthrough invention,
Polaroid is back with
more ways to play.

Polaroid Originals is a new brand from Polaroid dedicated to analog instant photography in the original, iconic format. It’s the next step in a journey started by The Impossible Project, who kept the format alive since 2008. Launching on September 13th, 2017, the 80th anniversary of the founding of Polaroid, Polaroid Originals makes instant film for Polaroid cameras, and refurbishes vintage cameras so they’re good as new. And now, we’ve created the OneStep 2 – a new, analog instant camera that invites everyone to take part in the next era of analog instant photography. Through Polaroid Originals, the brand that captured millions of moments is back with its iconic white frame. Because decades on, there’s still nothing like a Polaroid Original.

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