InstantFlex TL70 2.0 Eveready Case


Our TL70 Eveready case is made in Japan. Everything from the choice of leather to post-processing, stitching and gold stamping allows you to see and touch the expert work of our Japanese artisans. Everything comes together perfectly to provide your camera the case it deserves.

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 Experience the quality craftsmanship of our artisans firsthand.

The Eveready TL70 takes its cues from the Eveready SX-70 case – an immediately recognizable camera bag from the golden age of Polaroid photography. It provided all around protection for your SX-70 and easy access when the time came to take a photo on the go. Practical and innovative, you were able to take photographs without taking the case off to do so. It helped redefine what a camera bag should be.

The TL70 Eveready is brings the same sensibilities to our TL70 camera – allowing for maximum protection while allowing immediate access when the need arises. We designed this case to be user-friendly and the result is a combination of master craftsmanship and functionality.

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