Polaroid 600 Camera - SLR 680

In 1982, ten years after the unveiling of the SX-70, Polaroid created the SLR 680, an SLR instant camera that pushed the capabilities of the SX-70 to the next level, using Polaroid's new 600 film, with a built-in Sonar Autofocus and flashbar. It's been the camera of choice for instant photography experts and seasoned professionals ever since, and with good reason – put simply, it's the greatest instant camera ever made. Period.

29,900 ฿

Automatic flash 
(with overide)

Sonar Autofocus (with manual overide)

Lighten/darken wheel

Pretty much perfect

The gold standard.

About the series

The Polaroid SLR 680 looks like a Polaroid SX-70, but it isn't an SX-70. And it uses Polaroid 600 film, but it isn't like other 600 cameras either. It's the best of both worlds; a folding camera with all kinds of amazing features that give you more freedom with an SLR instant camera than ever before. And when you give people freedom, they do amazing things with it. That's what people did with the SLR 680, and they're still doing it today.


600 Camera

Works with:

600 Film

Technical Specifications

Polaroid 600 SLR camera
Automatic flash (with override)
Lighten/darken wheel

Comes with protective film shield (requires installation)
Neck strap loops at the rear
Tripod socket

Due to stock availability, the model you receive may differ slightly from product shown
Refurbished by Polaroid Originals – may show signs of wear
1 year limited warranty

Film for SLR 680 Camera

Best Seller

Our Color 600 film is the original format instant film for vintage Polaroid 600 cameras (though it works with i-Type cameras too).

THB 890 ฿ 890

Our Black & White 600 film is a classic instant film for vintage Polaroid 600 cameras (but it works with i-Type cameras as well).

THB 890 ฿ 890
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