Polaroid 600 Job Pro Instant Camera


Get it done. The limited edition Polaroid 600 Job Pro Camera was made to document construction sites. Now its ‘safety yellow’ colorway and ‘80s design is for those who want to build a reputation for style. A stand-out collector’s item that’s fully refurbished.

Brand : Polaroid


Inside Polaroid 600 Cameras

Pop culture in a camera. The point-and-shoot cameras that brought instant photography to the masses wrapped in the colors and characters that defined the ‘80s, ‘90s, and ‘00s. From boxy shapes to pop-up flashes, each camera tells a story that you’ll want to share.

Format :

600 Camera

Work with :

600 Film


A Living Legend

This is fully refurbished vintage Polaroid camera.

Close-up lens

Get up close and personal with a lens that can focus on subjects as two feet away (60 cm.)

Durable Design

A robust 600 camera in safety yellow and black that fold down into one compact carrier.

Optional flash

Add extra light when you need it with a flash you can turn on or off for better creative control.

600 film

Uses our 600 film that's specially designed to power vintage polaroid cameras.

 Technical Specifications

  • Polaroid 600 camera
  • Automatic flash (with override)
  • Fixed focus lens
  • Lighten/darken slider
  • Fitted with protective film shield
  • Refurbished by Polaroid – may show small signs of wear
  • 1 year limited warranty
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