Discontinued Products PRO 340HD Like to get out and get around to take photos? Need a tripod that can travel and move easily? The compact SLIK PRO 340 series tripods should be a contender. If you have a mirrorless camera or entry level DSLR this tripod can handle up to 3.0kg for camera equipment. The SLIK PRO 340HD was created for DSLR’s that have HD video recording capability. The SH-736HD is a smooth-moving fluid effect 3-way pan head with quick release for easy mounting and removal of a DSLR, video camera or camera. This all-metal head is specifically designed for photo and video use. The SH-736HD has pan and tilt drag controls that are separate from the pan/tilt handle locks. This allows the photographer to fine-tune the tightness of the movement based on the weight of the camera and lens. The head can hold up to 5.0 kg of equipment. SLIK’s exclusive AMT super titanium alloy legs make the PRO 340 series tripods steady and lightweight. “What’s so great about AMT alloy?” You may be thinking. AMT has a 40% greater strength to weight ratio than standard aluminum. The legs are lighter weight yet stronger than the standard metal used in most of today’s tripods. This lightweight comes with a price comparable to other standard aluminum tripods. The 3 leg sections means the tripod folds down to 490mm in length making it an easy traveler while fully extended it can reach up to 1,454mm. The SLIK PRO 340DX also makes setting up easy with secure, speed-release leg locks. Padded leg wraps make the tripod more comfortable to carry. A gearless center column and 3-position, adjustable angle leg locks allow easy set-up on uneven ground or steps.

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Brand : Slik


 SLIK Super Alloy A.M.T.
A.M.T. alloy has a 40% greater strength to weight ratio than standard aluminum, meaning the legs are lighter weight yet stronger than the standard metal used in most of today's tripods.

 Head mounting screw
Corresponding to both U1/4 and U3/8 head mounting screws.

 3-steps leg angle adjustment
Leg angle adjustable from a high position to a low position.

 Lever-type leg lock
Robust leg lock system that can operate quickly and easily.

 Plastic lever-type leg lock
Compact and light-weight plastic leg lock.


Folded Length:
Maximum Operating Height:
Minimum Operating Height:
Maximum Center Column Ext.:
Head Portion Weight:
Leg Portion Weight:
Leg Lock Type:
Leg Tip:
How To Mount Camera:
Q.R.S. 6256
Number of Leg Sections:
Diameter of the first upper leg:
Type of Center Column Elevation:
Center column type
3-way pan head SH-736HD
Type of Bubble Level:
Single bubble level
Special Features:
Multi-position leg

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