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Create an image balance with your imagination with the Cokin color filter.
With urgent time and needing twilight images But still have the sun No matter what you want

Using a filter is a different approach compared to using software. Filters are used "live", during the shooting, for instant results. Even if post-processing is part of the workflow, we believe that using a filter is a mean to express creativity in the moment. Placing a filter in front of a lens takes no more than 3 seconds. The outcome is immediate, and you can share it without having to spend hours of post-processing. Photography happens while shooting, not sitting behind a computer.

Familiar images for pictures, sky, mountains, .....
To change the perspective with Creative Cokin


Graduated Pink

Graduated Pink filter to get a hot sky. But still looks soft

Graduated Pink + Graduated Blue

The Cokin B1 Hard-Edge Graduated Blue is a 1 2/3-stop blue filter can be used to enhance dull, flat, or hazy skies. The filter is densest at the edge and graduates to clear at the middle, with a hard-edged line of transition. Hard-edge filters are great for images with a defined horizon line. The filter is rectangle so you can selectively choose where the blue edge sits in the framing of the image.


Graduated Pink + Graduated Blue + Full Graduated Neutral Density 0.9 (3-Stop)

ND filters reduce the light in the image.
See the fascinating atmosphere with the light, find the night sky that has a strange color that attracts another and the water surface looks smooth.



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