In 1978, renowned French photographer Jean Coquin invented the square filter system with a unique universal filter holder called CREATIVE. This system helped generations of photographs unleash their creative potential. The CREATIVE system features a large choice of CR39® resin filters for a wide spectrum of effects, and high optical performance. The CREATIVE system is quick, simple, and versatile in any shooting situation. Simply screw the adaptor ring, insert the filter holder and slide the filter to start shooting.

We created a range of kits with most popular filters for you to familiarize with the CREATIVE system. You will find filter kits, kits including filter holders, thematic kits such as Black & White, infrared. View our range :
 The filter holder system can be attached and removed in 3 simple steps. It supports multiple diameter adaptor rings for use with several lenses and offers great flexibility. The wide array of available filters opens a world where the only limit is your imagination.
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